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19th to the 21st Century with Cloud Technology

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The CPD Certification Service, a leader in independent accreditation, made the move to the Cloud back in 2013, with a hosted desktop solution from Your IT Works. The business was predominantly tempted by the financial benefits and other features of Cloud technology which allowed their staff to collaborate with ease, and provided the necessary tools for growth. What the business didn’t anticipate was the pending transformation of the organisation’s operating behaviour.

Since the business began trading in 1996, its approach to IT had not changed, and the business suffered from the provocations that came with paper-based filing systems. All clients’ records and details where printed, photocopied, and stored in the plethora of filing cabinets that encased the office. Without the technology to aid collaboration, the files grew in size with daily occurrences of data duplication.

This outmoded filling system was an indirect result of the organisation’s out-of-date IT infrastructure; the staff had developed a culture of distrusting the IT. The Directors knew that it was acting like a brake on the organisation’s strategy and changes needed to be made.

After consulting with Your IT Works, The CPD Certification Service moved to the Cloud. This meant that the business was able to keep spend at a minimum, while vastly improving and streamlining the efficiency of internal processes, supporting the staff and allowing them to effectively communicate and share data.

Following a seamless transition and successful four months in the Cloud, the Directors, to their surprise, saw an unforeseen and unprompted shift in the operating behaviour of their staff. As most of their work and files became almost entirely electronic; they no longer felt the need to print and store documents in filing cabinets.

The business then made the decision to collate and securely destroy the now superfluous expanse of paperwork. They removed the redundant rows of filing cabinets, and created an open and improved working environment. The storage room has now been transformed into an office.

In addition to all the benefits Cloud Computing offers, The CPD Certification Service never thought that the technology could result in the business achieving an almost ‘paperless office’ environment, they no longer hold or store operational paper; expect for the odd invoice they receive in the post.

The idea of the ‘paperless office’ was a concept that began over thirty years ago, and the past ten years have seen a decrease in the amount of paper being used and technology geared towards this goal. Nonetheless, in reality the business world is still far from this being the norm. It can however, be said for sure, that due to Cloud technology, The CPD Certification Service is operating in ‘the land of much less paper’, a development of which they can be extremely proud.

Graeme Savage, Managing Director of The CPD Certification Service, said that,

“The move to the Cloud has had unexpected benefits. Not only have we have moved from the 19th to the 21st Century in one go, we saved money and created a better larger working environment. Thank you to all at Your IT Works.”.


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