Home Working Solutions

WFH has become part of everyday business life this year

Let's help for secure home working

Due to a large increase in requests from clients to get them setup to work from home we thought it would be easier to have a single place of reference interest in WFH.

We have here, all the details you will require on how you can acheive a safe transition for your staff to work from home.

You may even prefer to just book a call and discuss your ideas or worries with one of our technology strategists today.

So what is needed?

  • Secure Laptops or PCs for home usage
  • Controlled software licensing for all staff
  • A 3CX Phone system to use from home
  • Secure access to company data from home
  • A reliable company communication tool
  • Video conferencing that is simple and accesible
  • An IT Support partner that can guide you through this

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