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Apple launches free product recycling programme

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Tech giant, Apple, is offering a free gadget recycling programme in order to aid their customers dispose of technology responsibly. In addition, the organisation has vowed to go green and power its stores, offices and data centres with renewable energy sources, reducing the pollution caused by its products and services.

The programme allows customers to recycle old products, including iPhones, iPads, Macs and PCs, no matter the condition, by visiting on of the 37 stores in the UK, with the initiative stretching across the world.

Apple launched an environmental section on their website yesterday, stating that,

“When you recycle with Apple your used equipment is disassembled, and key components that can be reused are removed. Glass and metal can be reprocessed for use in new products.

“A majority of the plastics can be pelletised into a raw secondary material. With materials reprocessing and component reuse, Apple often achieves a 90 percent recovery rate by weight of the original product.”

Lisa Jackson, Apple’s Vice President of Environmental Initiatives, commented,

“[Apple] feel the responsibility to consider everything we do in order to reduce our impact on the environment.

“This means using greener materials and constantly inventing new ways to conserve precious resources.

“We push ourselves every day to develop innovations that reduce our carbon footprint, use cleaner and safer materials, and show that what’s good for the planet can also be good for business.”

Greenpeace had previously criticised Apple for using more coal power for certain services in comparison to its rivals, however more recently named Apple as a leader towards a greener, more sustainable internet.

Source: The Telegraph

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