Big news for Google Classroom users

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Google recently announced that it has opened the Classroom API to developers.

This means that administrators will be able to develop tools, including the ability to create and pre-populated classes in Classroom; a feature that has been growing in demand since the application was released last year.

With access to the Classroom API, developers have already been working to create such tools. For example, New Visions CloudLab has created rosterSync for Google Sheets; this allows a school’s super-admin to sync data from their Student Information System (SIS) with Google Classroom, easily creating and populating classes for the teachers and students.

In addition, developers can also add a ‘share to Classroom’ button to their sites, making it easy for students and teachers to share web content to Classroom in the form of announcements, assignments, or assignment submissions. This, for example, can enable teachers to create assignments directly from Quizlet, Duolingo, and other favourites.

For more information visit the Google Apps Developer Blog.

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