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BlackBerry attempt to set the record straight

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BlackBerry does not deny that they are facing some ‘challenging times’, and therefore are committing to making some difficult changes in order to strengthen its position.

This succeeds a string of media reports of BlackBerry’s currently unfavourable position. The company has reacted by sending an ‘important message’ to its customers, aiming to ‘set the record straight’ with the following claims.

Best in class productivity tool – With the launch of the four BlackBerry 10 devices, the business has overhauled their portfolio, all of which run their new platform, offering the best mobile typing experience.

Best in class security – Security is its heritage, Governments and businesses trust BlackBerry, recognising that it is the most secure with device, server, and global data network.

Best in class enterprise mobility management – With BYOD (bring your own device) on the rise, BlackBerry claim to have more software engineers and the most resources committed to developing solutions to the challenges BYOD brings.

Best in class mobile social media network – The imminent launch of BBM for Android and iPhone, BlackBerry sees an opportunity to expand BBM into the ‘world’s largest mobile social network’.

Despite claiming to have ‘substantial cash on hand and a balance sheet that is debt free’, the business is aiming to cut their costs by a staggering 50%, thus achieving a ‘very efficient, customer-oriented organisation’.

Amidst all the recent corporate turmoil, the organisation has made a commitment to its customers, ‘you can continue to count on us’, so it would seem that Blackberry is here to stay.


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