The UK’s first tech trade union has been launched.

The UK’s first tech trade union has been launched. It’ll include staff from Microsoft and Google #technews #unions #techgiants #workersrights

The 60 minute challenge, free for your business security.

Up for a challenge? This is one where you probably won’t beat us though – the 60 minute security challenge. See how it works in this short video. Ready to take us on? #WeChallengeYou #60minuteSecurityChallenge

Green modern tech brewery in the UK

This brewery is the oldest in Britain, but it’s leading the way with modern, green technology #technology #business #innovation #brewing

An interesting Facebook messenger update…

If you use Facebook Messenger, you may have some private chats on there. But if someone else opens your phone, they can access those conversations pretty easily. Now you can lock it, so that you, and only you can open it #FacebookMessenger #AddedPrivacy #SecureChats

Trust a computer algorithm to manage your share portfolio?

Here’s one for investors. Would you trust a computer algorithm to manage your share portfolio? #computers #investments #investing #money

Letdown during Lockdown? You need more from your IT partner!

The last thing you wanted from your IT support company was to be let down during lockdown. So many urgent calls to adapt rapidly. How did they do? Have you felt looked after? Secure? Informed? These are all requirements for a trusted IT Support partner. Can we talk about being your trusted IT support partner? […]

Have you heard of Waze? Sat nav option…

Have you heard of Waze? It’s a great sat nav owned by Google, that’s just launched a bunch of new features #waze #satnav #NewToys

Your phone system is still worth keeping up-to-date

Office, home and remote workers is the new normal. How well is your phone system coping? During 2020 we have helped numerous business to move smoothly across to hosted VoIP phone sytems, saving them money and improving communications. Let’s talk about your requirements. This video will explain why we provide hosted phone systems. #hosteddesktop #ITsupport […]

Do I have to use MS Edge? Read this…

The latest Windows 10 update forces you to install Microsoft’s Edge browser #windows10 #edge #WhatDoYouMeanYouveNeverHeardOfIt

Nest is the new Google Home.

There’s a new Google Home coming out. But it’s going to be branded Nest not Google #heyGoogle #DoWeSayHeyNest?