The rise of the silent Zoom

This is an interesting idea. Companionship and accountability without noise… the rise of the silent Zoom call #zoom #KeepItDown #NoOneSneeze…

Property sales went up in May

Property sales went up in May. But of course they’re massively down on where they should be

Twitter is “very sorry”

Twitter is “very sorry” as business customers’ data is compromised

Amazon crackdown on 3rd party sellers

If you’ve ever bought something dodgy off Amazon, you’ll be pleased to know they have a plan to crackdown on third party sellers. And it’s a simple plan involving video calls #ShouldHaveDoneItBefore #JustPickUpThePhoneJeff https://…

New Lenovo device ideal for home working

Looking for new devices for your work from home setup? Lenovo might have a solution for you with its new Yoga PC with detachable keyboard

Email Lockdown Book

Email Lockdown - The book that meny have been commenting on. Just how safe is your business Email? Is it on full Lockdown? Get your free copy now.

Confident about your tech knowledge?

Are you quietly confident you know loads about technology and gadgets? Then why not play this YouTube quiz #YouTubeQuiz #technology

It’s called fugaku

Japanese scientists have created the world’s fastest computer ever – it’s called fugaku

Spotify playlists for the Summer!

With all the great weather we’ve been having, it’s likely you’ve been creating loads of Spotify playlists to listen to in the garden - we have. And, good news, Spotify has lifted its 10,000 song cap for online libraries. You can make a…

MK delivery robots everywhere

Did you know that automated delivery robots are a common sight on the streets of Milton Keynes? They’ve done 100,000 deliveries there already. And now, NHS workers can use them for free #RobotDelivery #NHS #coronavirus…