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Building a smarter business infrastructure with the Cloud

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There is a growing shift, in the SME market, towards the ‘utility’ approach to IT as companies look to the Cloud to support cost-effective agile IT service delivery models.

As a large number of organisations move to the Cloud, demand is shifting from traditional proprietary and highly-customised assets to ubiquitous assets that are accessed by staff, customers and partners.

Companies, and more importantly their key staff, are beginning to expect agility across the business operations, but beyond the operational benefits Cloud Computing significantly reduces an organisations IT expenditure.


Business-centric IT services

A move to the Cloud shifts IT from producing services to optimising production and consumption of those services in ways consistent with business requirements; changing the IT infrastructure to have large strategic value. Previous cost-centre IT models are out-dated; they consume large capital outlays and fail to meet the flexibility requirements of today’s organisations.

Rather than the traditional use of technology that solely supports the IT, Cloud services are delivered to the end-users of the organisation, allowing them to perform their roles efficiently and effectively.

The Cloud is a dynamic business-centric strategic value centre.


Breaking down boundaries

Physical IT boundaries that have restricted SMEs will erode with the gradual acceptance and deployment of the Cloud, establishing pools of resources, combining those of the data centre with those provided by a Cloud Service Provider (CSP).

Businesses can have the ability to break down barriers without compromising security or quality of service; driving the adoption of unified communications (UC), uniting desk, remote and mobile working.


From capital to operational expenditure

Companies in the Cloud only pay for the computing resource and power they need and activate employee subscriptions on a per-user basis. They do not need to purchase IT suites, significantly reducing IT expenditure.

As the Cloud essentially results in a business renting their IT resources, the remaining expenditure is converted from Capex to Opex, in the form of a manageable monthly fee.

CSPs have invested heavily in comprehensive networks and have technological partnerships in place to offer SMEs hosted solutions that can scale to the requirements of each individual business.


Cloud technology is helping SMEs build a smarter business infrastructure with immense flexibility and scalability, one that results in improved service levels and reduces capital and operational costs.

To realise the true transformational and accelerated time-to-value qualities that cloud deployments promise, security needs to change from being a major inhibitor, as it is seen today, to being a key enabler. Choosing the right partner, such as those Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) Certified, and solutions to enable secure cloud service delivery can be critical to business growth and success.

Cloud Computing: the world of worry free IT


For more information on the business benefits of the Cloud click here.

Alternatively book your complimentary Cloud consultation to discover if the Cloud is right for you and how much your business could save.



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