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Time for Change Cloud Services

Is it your Time for Change… Here at Your Cloud Works we, like any other business, are here to make money. However, the big difference with us is we work with our clients to ensure the solution we put forward is right for their business, and their back pocket! Yes we want to make money […]

Schools can now trade in old IT for Chromebooks

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  For many schools facing limited and constrained budgets, technology is not always top of the list. This is why we work with companies, such as edde, to provide schools with vital funding and parental donation options, which allow for the sustainable integration of technology in the classroom. But, these are not the only sources […]

Android apps are coming to Chromebooks


Last week at Google’s annual conference for developers, Google I/O, it announced that Android applications and Google Play (the most popular app store in the world) to will be coming to Chromebooks. The adoption of Chromebooks in classrooms across the world continues to increase, with K-12 schools in the US purchasing more Chromebooks than all […]

9 Reasons to Switch to Cloud Services

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A recent survey by RightScale found that 95% of companies are now using some form of cloud service, yet many of these businesses are still dipping their toes, with at least two thirds of workloads still provided via traditional IT systems. With huge potential economic benefits available from cloud services, here are 9 reasons why […]

Google launches polling feature for Classroom


Google Classroom, a paperless assignment workflow application, helps teachers and students communicate and learn together, has recently been improved with the inclusion of a new polling feature. This can help helps teachers quickly check for understanding, gather feedback or gauge interest.   Here are four ways in which teachers are using polling in the classroom: […]

Google updates Drive plug-in for Microsoft Office

Send a drive file from outlook

The Google Drive plug-in for Microsoft Office was launched last July, making it simple and easy for users with Office for Windows to access their Work, Excel and PowerPoint files stored in Google Drive. This plug-in has now been extended to include Outlook support. Here is an overview of the new Outlook features: Insert files […]

Google Apps brings simplicity to Enterprise Mobility Management

Google Admin Console Management

Enterprise software can often be complex and difficult to navigate. Unlike consumer software which has gravitated towards simplicity. Google, therefore believes that, Google Apps Admins should have an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution that is simple to operate, which delivering enterprise grade security. In order to make it easier for Google Apps Admins to set […]

Google for Work announces the introduction of Data Loss Prevention


All organisations have confidential data that they need to keep secure, that is why Google for Work already helps admins manage information security with encryption, two-factor authentication , sharing controls, and mobile device management. However it is the actions of users which can compromise such tools, such as hitting ‘reply all’ on an email, when […]

Chromebit: the affordable computer on a stick

Earlier this year, Google and ASUS announced the Chromebit — a full Chrome OS-based computer on an HDMI stick. Following a further announcement earlier this week, the two companies are officially launching this new way of using Chrome OS on any screen with an HDMI port. Here is what you need to know. Chromebit is […]

Google Expeditions is bringing virtual reality to schools

  Starting this week, Google’s Expeditions Pioneer Program, is bringing a virtual reality experience to thousands of schools around the world, stopping in the UK between now and the 27th November. As part of the programme Google will bring ‘kits’ which contain everything a teacher needs to run a virtual reality trip for their class, […]