Cloud tech could eradicate mobile phone contracts and roaming charges

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Are roaming fees and mobile contracts soon to be a thing of the past? This could be a reality with yuilop. It claims that mobile phone users no longer need to be tied into a contract, can make calls from abroad as if they are home and don’t have their number ‘stuck’ on their SIM card.

Yuilop, which began as a free SMS service in 2011, progressed to becoming a VoIP app, and has now linked into the public telephone network, allowing them to provide telephone numbers, numbers that exist in the Cloud rather than a SIM card. Unlike other free messaging and calling services, such as WhatsApp, yuilop allows users to contact landlines and people without the app.

Julian Doppelhammer, CEO of yuilop, said that ‘I want to provide really free communication to the user…Free in both aspects. Free meaning no costs but also free meaning independent from [mobile phone] operators, independent from providers. A real internet service’.

Currently when you go abroad you can be subjected to excessive roaming charges for using your phone, alternatively you could buy a local SIM card, but that is hardly convenient when you need to be contacted on your own number.

However, with yuilop all you would need to do is buy a local pre-paid data plan and you can continue using you own phone and number as if you where at home. It works by using an ‘in-network currency’ called credits, which can bought and earned while using the service.

Doppelhammer explains ‘when you receive calls, you earn credits, when you make calls, you spend credit’.

Source: Wired



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