CLOUD: Why your CSP needs to be Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) Certified?

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The most important aspect of moving to the Cloud is making sure that you choose the right Cloud Service Provider (CSP). Where do you start? This can be a great challenge for businesses; how can they know who will be able to provide the secure, stable, and effective solution that is capable and reliable enough to service their requirements now and for the future?

This is where the Cloud Industry Forum comes into play as an independent UK governing body delivering a Code of Practice to members on best practice processes and client protection.

CIF Certified CSPs have made a commitment to present the terms of their Cloud offering unambiguously and have demonstrated that they have met the specific requirements of transparency, accountability and capability; standardising enterprises offering Cloud services and providing assurances for businesses looking to migrate to the Cloud.

So who is the Cloud Industry Forum? As the only governing industry body for the UK; CIF champion and advocate the adoption and use of Cloud-based services by businesses and individuals. The purpose of the CIF Code of Practice is to bring the much needed clarity, transparency and trust in doing business in the Cloud. The customer experience is a fundamental part that lies at the heart of the Certification.

The benefits for businesses, as end users, are to have confidence of choice where they can evaluate the certified companies against the guidance and rationale set out in the Code of Practice. Thus allowing a more thorough and informed decision on choosing their supplier.

So when you decide to make the move up into the Cloud, step 1 is to make sure you ONLY consider CIF Certified CSPs, all of which will have the Cloud Industry Forum logo visible on their websites with links to their Code of Practice.

Your Cloud Works were one of the first CSPs to take on the challenge of becoming CIF Certified. Since achieving the Certification they have gone on to support a large range of businesses with their superior Cloud solutions. The team of consultants at Your Cloud Works are your regional Cloud specialists and are always happy to answer any questions you may have.


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Find out more about the cloud Industry Forum.

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