Corporate Wireless Networks: the unexpected benefits

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Three-quarters of small to medium sized businesses, recently surveyed, have said that reliable wireless networks are an essential element for success.

The businesses ranged from two person firms through to over two hundred, all agreeing that wireless connectivity boosts productivity, enhances service and strengthens their competitiveness, by allowing staff to keep connected throughout their sites.

With the growing of mobile devices in the SMB environment, the ability for employees to share information, respond to enquiries, book appointments and process orders, just to name a few, is increasing accessible when they are on the go.

All be it an expected progression, following the trend of always on connectivity in our personal lives.

In addition to the obvious business benefits, the study conducted by IT Pro Portal revealed more, showing a link between wireless networking and the enhancement of brand image and employee morale.

With two-thirds of the 500 SMBs surveyed believed that by having a wireless network in place creates a up-to-date and vibrant image of their business, with 72% supplementing the view in agreeing that businesses without wireless appear old-fashioned. Showing how wireless capabilities can impact on their outside view of a firm.

As the younger generation of ‘digital natives’ are becoming to expect employers to have flexibility and mobility as standard, a third of the SMEs believed that mobile connectivity helps them attract and recruit fresh talent into their organisation. This was reflecting by three-quarters of the firms whom employee more than 11 persons agreeing that wireless networks are an essential element of meeting employee demands, providing the ability to work anywhere on any device.

Additionally, over half of those surveyed saw a boost in company morale and team building as a resulting of implementing a wireless network and freeing staff from the constraints of their desks. An aspect which becomes increasingly important as SMEs grow in size; 64% for firms whom employee between 11 and 50 employees, and 76% for those with over 100 staff.

Despite all of the evidence showing the benefits a reliable wireless network can have within small to medium sized enterprises, many remain reluctant.

Following an experience with poor network reliability, 31% considered abandoning wireless plans, while another 33% had data security concerns. In addition, a quarter of firms were unsure how to implement a wireless network within their existing IT infrastructure.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel, these concerns are easily addressed with the right wireless network provider.

One example includes the cost-effective, easy-to-manage, next-generation wireless technology offered by Xirrus.

Xirrus provides a broad range of wireless solutions to match the requirements of a broad range of use cases found in enterprise environments. These have a unique architecture which includes everything needed for a secure, high performance wireless LAN built into each Xirrus wireless product, reducing the equipment and infrastructure requirements and simplifying nearly every aspect of the deployment.

The Xirrus Advantage for Enterprises:

  • Identify and prioritise critical enterprise applications such as SAP, Oracle and Exchange
  • Simplify operations with zero-touch provisioning equipment via automated online activation
  • Deploy faster and easier with significantly fewer Wi-Fi access devices and supporting wired infrastructure
  • Seamlessly scale wireless capacity with a modular, upgradable architecture; ultimate in investment protection
  • Future proof your network with a technology upgrade path to 802.11ac and other wireless technologies without replacing any equipment
  • Implements multi-level security for comprehensive wireless network protection


For more information download the Your IT Works Enterprise Wireless Brief, alternatively, contact one of our wireless experts for tailored advice here.


Source: ITProPortal

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