This series will explain cybersecurity best practices for your business in a way that is easy to follow and understand.

97 seconds to read these 5 questions…the same 97 seconds that an average hacker takes to breach just one weak password at your company!

1.How long would your business last today without electricity, gas or water? 

It would not last, now let’s add one more essential service to that list: Your IT Services. Your desktops, servers, laptops, mobiles, apps, data, internet and wifi are all an essential, integral part of your business. We will discuss this in detail in our Cybersecurity 101 Blog Series.

2.Have you ever read about someone’s electricity supply being attacked by ransomware, or a destructive virus planted in your gas supply? 

Your IT Services are in constant danger from hackers and cyber criminals. Using SPAM, ransomware, critical disk errors and many other forms of preventable cyber attacks. Sadly many of today’s avoidable IT meltdowns are caused by innocent staff members who have never been trained in cyber security awareness. Every business today needs to examine their IT landscape. You then need to review the security protocols for every cyber door and window in their business. Where will an attack most likely come from? How can we protect our business? Why haven’t we done this already? Who can guide our business to making the right cyber security and GDPR compliance decisions? Follow our Cybersecurity 101 blog series right here over the following weeks. We will cover 15 key areas for your security and support, in a language that everyone can understand, cybersecurity should not be complicated.

3.How much does IT and Internet downtime really cost your company? 

All areas of business today from communications to accounts to workflow depend on fast, reliable IT. Whenever your staff members are unable to logon to your system on a Monday morning, it causes downtime. How can you assign a value to that downtime? You can’t. It not only affects your staff, but also reflects badly on your clients and suppliers. Everyone then feels the negative effects of your unexpected IT downtime. There are many simple security and support solutions that we can discuss with you at any time. Our Cybersecurity 101 Blog Series will give you an insight on how to reduce that downtime and avoid costly GDPR breaches.

4.What does your Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) need do to help your business?

You need an MSSP that will be proactive, will set in place monitoring systems to constantly check the health of your network and your computers. A partner that will train your staff to increase the level of cyber awareness and security. A company that will provide a fast, practical helpdesk to answer your IT questions when they arise, via webchat, phone or email. Most importantly an MSSP that understands your IT requirements and your growth, and can plan accordingly for all of your IT services.

5.Is Your Cloud Works be the right choice to become your MSSP/Technology Partner?

The short answer is: Yes. With over 20 years of extensive experience in all areas of IT support, cyber security, internet services and IT Hardware recommendations, Your Cloud Works has designed transparent, cost per user/device, monthly packages that will fit your specific business requirements. Our long term goal is to work closely with you as your technology partner, educate your team for a safer cyber environment at your business and avoid the costly effects of IT downtime that can be avoided today. Contact us today for a free IT / cyber security consultation, or follow our Cybersecurity 101 series right here over the following weeks.

We are very interested in reading you feedback, comments or general ideas that you would like to share about cybersecurity and IT support. Please feel free to leave your comment, like or share with others who may enjoy this post.

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