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Data Centre traffic set to increase by 300% within the next 4 years

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The third annual report, by Cisco’s Global Cloud Index, has predicted that global Data Centre traffic will increase 300% by 2017, reaching a total of 7.7 zettabytes, of which 5.3 zettabytes will be Cloud traffic.

Cloud traffic is currently the fastest growing aspect of Data Centre traffic, and it does not look like it will be slowing down, with an annual growth rate set at 35%.

Doug Merritt, Senior VP of Product and Solutions Marketing at Cisco, said that, ‘people all over the world continue to demand the ability to access personal, business and entertainment content anywhere on any device, and each transaction in a virtualised, cloud environment can cause cascading effects on the network, because of this continuing trend, we are seeing huge increases in the amount of cloud traffic within, between and beyond data centres over the next four years’.

Back in 2012, global Cloud traffic accounted for 46% of total Data Centre traffic, Cisco’s Global Cloud Index survey sees this increasing to 69% by 2017.

Of this Cloud data traffic, a staggering 83% will be generated by the Data Centres and Cloud Computing, the majority of which is used for storage, production and development data within virtual environments. The remaining 17% is then generated by end-users accessing data.

The survey makes it clear that Cloud Computing is certainly not a fad, of which many thought of it in its early days, with Cloud data set for strong growth over the coming years. But, this does not come as a surprise, considering the high mobility it offers businesses and consumers alike, in the information age of this generation.

Flexible working, made possible by Cloud Computing, brings more opportunities and will be the norm; it is important for enterprises to start considering the migration to a virtual Cloud environment, sooner rather than later, to ensure they don’t get left behind

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Source: ITProPortal

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