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Get the best pricing and availability on the latest Chrome devices for Education. Every school that is enrolled on the Google for Education platform can request special pricing.

Google CDMs

Purchase your Chrome Device Management Licences right here, or send us an email with your purchase order. The Education CDM is just £30.00 +VAT per device.

Upcycle Older Laptops

Neverware Cloudready can turn your older laptops into functional chrome devices. All for the annual licence cost of just £30.00 per device including the Google CDM.

Staff Training

A move to the Google platform will require some staff training. We have worked with hundreds of educators, using tailored Google training content to great effect.

What have some of our clients expressed?

We had a fantastic day of training from Your Cloud Works at the start of our Google adventure! It was wonderful to be taken through the main aspects of Google being given time to explore and understand each component. Having time to explore the tools was really valuable in the staff being able to use Google fully and comprehensibly.We were able to understand how each G Suite app could be used in our own work and how we could use them with the children. Including lots of extra little tips to help organised our working in Google (I now love archiving my emails and having a small inbox!).It also helped show how to use items we already had created in Microsoft and how easily they worked within Google calming any compatibility worries.This training was suitable for all of our staff and cannot come more highly recommended. Amazing team and outstanding training.
Sarah Abrey
Primary Educator and IT Leader
"We organise and deliver training that really engages the teachers, and provides tools that they will be using every day."
Neil Renwick - Certified Google Trainer
If your school is just starting to look at Google for Education, please give us a call or drop us an email.
Our team has plenty experience in education, and look forward to answering any questions you may have.

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You Can Order Your Google CDMs Here:

We can process your order immediately and it takes 24 hours for the licences to appear on your admin panel.