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Turn a device into a Chromebook with CloudReady from Neverware

Convert old devices to Chromebooks – a low-cost solution for your current hardware

Get more out of your existing computers while transitioning to Chromebooks faster with CloudReady—the only operating system designed to help you do both.

Built from the same technology foundation as Chromebooks, CloudReady is the only way to give new life to your existing PCs and Macs (up to 10 years old) while reaping all the benefits of the Google Admin console. With CloudReady, you’ll save time and budget. Whether you’re revitalizing unused computer labs or leading a 1:1 initiative, CloudReady is the simple, cost-effective solution educators around the world rely upon.

Expand the Chromebook Experience

The days of letting computer labs and laptop carts sit idle are now a thing of the past. CloudReady is designed to run on the most common laptops and desktops used in education over the last decade. Revitalize your old hardware and accelerate your technology plans by giving students the same simple and secure computing experience.

Simplify & unify device management

An IT department’s dream: streamlined, cloud-based management across all your devices through Google’s simple, secure management console. Eliminate complexity by managing your CloudReady machines (both PCs and Macs) right alongside Chromebooks.

Empower more students

Thinking about a one-to-one initiative? CloudReady is the simple, affordable way to get more computers into students’ hands. Best of all, students won’t waste time waiting to use them: CloudReady devices boot up quickly and are incredibly reliable, including support for online testing platforms such as AIR and TestNav.