Free tablets for first-year students at UEL

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The University Of East London (UEL) is giving a free tablet to every student that has registered to start a course this term, costing around £2 million.

John Joughin, Vice Chancellor of the university said that the move would help to provide a “level playing field for all of our students”.

The Samsung Note 8 tablets are given to the students pre-loaded with useful information, online library resources and core e-books, which aim to reduce the cost of buying books.

Prof Joughin commented, “we are delighted to be putting support directly in the hands of our students and providing them with a state-of-the-art learning platform for the duration of their studies”.

Students are increasingly coming to expect a degree of mobility in their learning experience, especially within the competitive arena of higher education, as universities become ever more aware of the need to attract applicants.

The attainment of computing equipment has also been seen to have a correlation with the start of a university course; PC World and Currys reported sales of laptops increasing by 50% following the publishing of A-level results.

In addition, John Lewis has seen laptop sales soar on the run-up to the start of the university year, second only to Christmas.

This is supported by annual tracking surveys that show a high level of technology ownership by students in the UK; 90% having both a laptop and smartphone and 40% owning a tablet.

Source: BBC News

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