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Funding tablets for education

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A student’s progress is closely linked to their self-motivation, engagement and independent learning skills. Tablets offer new opportunities to motivate and engage students of all abilities. It empowers the student to take control of their learning and to work in a more individualised way.

The opportunity to work collaboratively with other students both within school and beyond has the potential to greatly enhance a child’s understanding and educational progress.

A parent contribution scheme is the ideal, easy and effective method to fund tablets for education.

Many schools are now implementing these parental contribution schemes to help fund the cost of purchasing device. Under a parental donation scheme, parents can donate a regular monthly sum to help fund the purchase of the device.

Schools can chose to have fixed parent contribution to cover the complete cost, or allow parents to donate what they can afford. Alternatively, schools can subsidise part of the cost with parents making up the difference.

Experience shows a high degree of acceptance from parents for this form of funding. Under a donation scheme, the tablet is not just a “school device,” but becomes a “family device” as well.

Typically, the total donation paid by parents will be less than the retail price of the device in the first place – hence it is not just better for cash flow, but cheaper as well.

The Your IT Works Parent Portal, in partnership with WestWon, provides teachers and parents with a simple one-stop system to track and fund each tablet acquired under the scheme. In the case of parents, for example, they can log in to see the full details about their child’s device including model number, first payment date, last payment date and whether they have opted to purchase the tablet at the end of the lease.

The secure system makes it easy to track all current details relating to each individual tablet, from start of lease onwards, and to make monthly or quarterly parental payments online in accordance with the contribution policy set by each school.

Teachers and parents have separate logins for rapid access to the parts of the system that are relevant to their needs.

Benefits for the school:
  1. It’s the easy way for parents to make donations towards the cost of their child’s tablet
  2. It frees schools from the burden of collecting parental donations, we look after the administration
  3. Online tracking and administration of each device, with a complete Device Asset Management system
  4. Optional insurance available
  5. Avoids technology obsolescence
Benefits for parents:
  1. Donation amounts and ownership fee is typically lower than the RRP of the device
  2. Make small regular repayments
  3. Own the tablet at the end of the donation period for £25.00+VAT
  4. Benefit from a group worldwide insurance policy
  5. Support their child’s education need

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