Google has recently made it easy and simple for schools, with Google Apps for Education, to control the YouTube content that is available to their users within their domain.

The new YouTube settings, within the Admin Console, administrators will be able to:

Google domains will have a restricted YouTube experience, set as default, but this can be changed by domain administrators; establishing ‘unrestricted users’ who have full access to YouTube, and ‘approvers’ who can whitelist content for users.

An additional feature allows Google Apps for Education domains set ‘verified Google Classroom teachers to approve videos’, which consequently saves teachers and IT staff time, in making sure that the right content is approved and ready for class, as well as honouring teachers as professional whom can chose the appropriate content for their students.

The YouTube settings can be found within the Admin Console, under ‘Apps’, ‘Additional Services’, at the bottom will be ‘YouTube’, and click ‘Content Settings’. Once the ‘Content Settings’ have been configured, an administrator and also set permissions based on organizational units.

Users with the ability to approve videos can sign-in to YouTube with their Google Apps credentials, search for the content, click on the videos they wish to approve, and click ‘Approve’ below the video player; this is approve the video for all users.

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