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Google buys Firebase; an API specialist

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Firebase, an API specialist, provides a cloud-based service that allows developers to build real-time, collaborate applications. APIs are application programming interfaces; a set of functions and procedures that allow the creation of applications which access the features or data of an operating system or application.

The business was founded in 2011, and has over 110,000 developers using the service, of which Google will fold into the Google Cloud Platform.

Greg DeMichillie, Director of Product Management at Google, commented in a blog post,

“Mobile is one of the fastest-growing categories of app development, but it’s also still too hard for most developers. With Firebase, developers are able to easily sync data across web and mobile apps without having to manage connections or write complex sync logic. Firebase makes it easy to build applications that work offline and has full-featured libraries for all major web and mobile platforms, including Android and iOS.

“By combining Firebase with Google Cloud Platform, we’ll be able to build the best end-to-end platform for mobile application development.” he said.

Firebase’s Chief Executive Officer, James Tamplin, believes that the acquisition will allow the business more room to grow, commenting,

“Google’s backing allows us to dramatically scale Firebase. We’re proud of what we’ve built over the last three years, but we’ve only scratched the surface of the opportunity ahead of us. With Google’s engineering talent, resources, and technical infrastructure, we’ll be able to do much more, much faster.”

Google currently uses REST (an architecture style for designing networked applications) and HTML 5 FileSystem APIs to keep Chromebooks in sync with its cloud services; the acquisition of firebase will allow the tech giant to extend these capabilities to many if its mobile and desktop platforms.

Source: Business Cloud News

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