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Cloud based Management Information System (MIS)

For Primary and Preparatory Schools

ScholarPack is an extremely powerful yet remarkably simple primary school software package that seamlessly brings together teachers, parents, senior leaders and administrators, helping them to achieve the very best in teaching standards. It is one of the fastest growing management information systems (MIS) in the UK, specifically designed for primary schools including academies and free schools.

Maximise the potential of your school’s data with ScholarPack, a unique cloud based solution to managing information anytime, anywhere.

Cloud Hosted:

ScholarPack is hosted in the Cloud, meaning your school has no hardware to buy and maintain, and all updates are handled by a specialist support team. ScholarPack can be used on any device, including tablets, from any location that has an internet connection.

Unlimited Phone and Email Support:

We are always here to help. All ScholarPack packages come with unlimited, UK-based, ‘all you can eat’ support. This includes phone, email and remote assistance so you know we are here if you ever need a helping hand.


ScholarPack has been designed to be simple to use, meaning all staff members can benefit from its features. Jump in straight away and start getting the most out of what’s on offer.

No Updates Required:

You’ll never need to install patches, update your version or install census updates again. ScholarPack is always up to date so you know when you log in you’re using the latest version of the system.

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ScholarPack Assessment

A positive way forward into a ‘world without levels’

ScholarPack Assessment allows you to track progress and attainment simply with the extensive range of powerful reporting tools and an easy to use markbook. Linking assessment with the core MIS ensures all of your pupil information is up to date and ready to be analysed at any time.

Hundreds of schools are using the assessment package every day to track and monitor pupil progress, both for EYFS and KS1/2. ScholarPack is already capable for assessing without levels and will support schools preparing for “life after levels”.

“The excellent new assessment system enables teachers and leaders to check pupils’ progress frequently and identify quickly pupils at risk of falling behind.”
Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education)

ScholarPack Communications

ScholarPack offers a comprehensive communications module which brings the power of its cloud based MIS platform to your school’s communications. You can communicate with parents easily via SMS, emails or letters from within the dashboard.

Real-time Updates:

Don’t waste time waiting for phone number or address changes to update in your communications system. With ScholarPack Communications changes are made instantly so you can communicate with parents as soon as contact information is updated.

Dynamic Fields:

Use the powerful dynamic fields to customise messages for parents. You can mail merge lots of common fields like names, addresses or attendance statistics, so you know your letters, emails or SMS messages are always accurate.


Save time by creating templates to reuse again and again. Whether you send SMS messages about attendance or termly newsletters, templates will save you time and hassle every day!

Simple Pricing:

The pricing is simple and transparent, just pay the licence fee for comms then choose the SMS package that’s best for your school. Either pay as you go or purchase an unlimited SMS package.

Contact Groups

Use the in-built groups to send communications or use the quick group builder to make your own. Groups are saved for later, saving you time and hassle.


The ScholarPack communications package allows you to utilise SMS messaging for communicating with parents. One of the best ways to get in touch instantly.


Send HTML emails with embedded images and attachments to any group in the system. A great way to send out newsletters or permission slips.


Prepare and send letters using the inbuilt letter generation module. You can use pre-existing tags to mail merge names, addresses, attendance percentages and more.

ScholarPack Parents’ Portal

ScholarPack Parents’ Portal is a fast and intelligent way for parents to stay in touch with their child’s development. The portal is a simple bolt on package to the core Management Information System which allows parental access to a child’s profile. Parents can view elements such as assessment details, attendance, behaviour and support as well as other factors in their child’s development.

Real-Time Data Sharing:

Share data with parents in real time allowing them to check daily register codes, evidence or assessment marks as soon as they are added by teachers.

Online Permission Slips:

Send out permission slips to parents online for events such as school trips and manage all of your replies efficiently through ScholarPack.

Online Information Update:

Save time and money printing out information check forms and ask parents to check their data through the Portal. Parents can view contact information, photo permissions, medical conditions and more.

Share Evidencing and Targets:

Share assessment progress with parents so they can view targets and marks to check that their child is on track. This is a great way for parents to help with learning at home.


Create reports in ScholarPack then release them instantly to the Parents’ Portal saving time, effort and money. Historical reports are always available for parents to access anytime.


Merits, referrals and house points are charted graphically for ease of understanding. The behaviour feed gives a breakdown of a child’s recent behavioural activity.


Display both internal and external assessments to parents so they can monitor the academic performance of their child throughout their school career.


Allow parents access to attendance data, improving attendance rates throughout the year. Real-time register check informs parents about truancy and lateness.