Your favourite Android device, connected to what matters for work.

With the power of a smartphone in your hand, you can email your colleague in Gmail and catchup with your kids using Hangouts. You can follow up with that new customer in your CRM app and pull up personal documents in Drive. Whether it is for work or for your personal life, everything you do can all be done from the device you always have to hand. This is pretty powerful and can save you a lot of time. But keeping that information safe, whether it’s making sure your personal information remains private or your organisation’s data is secure, requires attention.

That’s why Android for Work makes it easier for Android (and iOS) users to access the apps they need to be productive on their phones and tablets with Google Apps Mobile Management (included in G Suite).


With Android for Work, you can create dedicated work and personal profiles so that work data is safe and personal information stays private. It isolates and protects work data and users can use their personal apps knowing their employer only manages work data.

Easy to manage

G Suite includes device management so that admins can set up and enforce policies easily, and includes advanced reporting and audits so that you know what’s happening when it matters. The Android for Work app is completely managed centrally via the web.

Google Play for Work

Google Play for Work makes it easy for employees to see what apps are approved by their company and install the apps they want onto their device. So their own information stays private while the company can enforce Mobile Management policies for work accounts.

Android Devices

Android for Work includes a range of secure devices, providing choice and flexibilty

Pick from an array of devices with Android for Work features built in, utilise innovative hardware features to address unique business needs, and take advantage of new business specific hardware from manufacturers.

Put Android to Work: Secure and enable existing employee-owned and corporate liable Android devices.

Expand your mobile footprint: Extend mobility to new roles and use cases. Equip every worker with a mobile device.

Create new business devices: Build dedicated kiosks and single-use devices tailored to specific tasks.

Devices for demanding industries: Deploy Android devices with confidence in regulated environments. Manufacturers are enhancing Android devices to ensure privacy and to meet strict compliance laws.

Google Mobile Management

Manage your G Suite account and devices with one centralised, secure control panel.

Phones get lost. Tablets stolen. Things happen. Organisations should therefore have the tools to keep work data safe, and this safety should just be built in to the applications they choose. That’s why device management (for Android and iOS) is included with G Suite.

Manage your organisation’s mobile devices, without the need for an on-premise device management server, using the Google Admin console. Mobile Management allows you to enforce device policies over mobile devices in your organisation and perform actions like remotely wiping your users’ mobile devices. Features include the ability to configure mobile settings, control what devices can connect to your users’ G Suite data, view mobile devices in your organisation and view all apps that access G Suite data.

Android for Work

Set up and configure Android for Work to better manage your business data and applications on your users’ Android 5.0+ devices that support Work Profiles. The solution offers seamless auto-install and uninstall restriction for apps in Work Profiles.

Manage iOS

Manage policies on iOS devices, with controls around iCloud backup and lock screens. The solution offers monitoring of mobile deployments and the ability to remote wipe the entire device or Account wipe to erase G Suite data only.

Additional Android Features

Additional features include reporting, compromised device detection and inactive account wipe options. Also includes the support of Enterprise WiFi networks (802.1x EAP) from Android 4.3 version.

Supported Devices

Mobile Management covers Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and smartphones and tablets using Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync®. BlackBerry OS 7 or older devices and devices syncing to G Suite using only IMAP or POP are not supported.

Policy and Security Settings

Access Mobile Management by signing in to your Google Admin console and going to Device management. In the Admin console, you can configure several settings for your users’ devices.

View Graphs and Reports

In addition to these mobile settings, you can view graphs about mobile usage and see mobile trends in your organisation in the Reports tab of your Admin console, including the number of active devices and users.