Modern devices and browser from Google. Fast, Simple, Secure.

Google Chrome for Work is a web browser and operating system designed for organisations that require standardised, secure and easy browser deployment and management.

Chrome for Work allows you to deploy and manage the Chrome browser and devices for your organisation. It consists of a set of admin tools, resources, and installer packages which allow an IT administrator to deploy and manage Chrome in an Enterprise environment. The admins tools provided in Chrome for Work allow administrators to configure, package, and deploy Chrome browser at the system level, and manage 100+ policies on an ongoing basis.

Chrome Browser

Deploy and manage Chrome for Work for your organisation

The Chrome for Work browser is simple, secure, and built to run today’s web super fast. It’s the most popular web browser in use. This browser is the portal to everything you do and gives IT administrators control of more than 100 policies to fit your organisation’s needs.

IT Control

Chrome for Work offers more than 100 policies to fit your organisation’s needs. Choose auto-updates to get the latest security fixes or manual updates for more control. Configure which applications and extensions employees receive and more.


Always up to date, Chrome lets you run the latest cloud apps. If your organisation needs a legacy browser to run older applications, try Chrome’s Legacy Browser Support, which helps IT deploy Chrome while supporting an older browser.

Cloud Management

Chrome’s cloud-based management lets you customise policies for your employees, whether they’re on a company’s desktop or personal smart phone. Cloud-based management and support for Chrome is available for G Suite customers.


Chrome uses security technologies like Safebrowsing, sandboxing, and auto-updates to protect your organisation from malicious sites, viruses, malware and phishing attacks.


Chrome is built to be fast in every way— starting up from the desktop, loading websites, and running complex, business web apps. With every new release, Chrome continues to improve its Octane score.


Users can sign-in to Chrome to access their apps, bookmarks, extensions, and other web settings. That means when your employees leave the office, they can easily continue their work on their personal devices.


Many companies build their own internal apps. Available on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, ChromeOS, Android, and iOS, Chrome allows developers to build, test, and maintain one web app across all these platforms.

Google Chrome Devices

The best web experience for a very low total cost of ownership

Chrome devices are computers and solutions running an operating system built by Google, giving you the best of modern applications on the web, with security, easy central management and other features designed for today’s organisations.

They have a number of key benefits for business:

  • They have the most secure operating system.
  • They boot in seconds and are continuously updated to get better and faster over time.
  • Devices are easy to share and have separate encryption for each user without storing any personal information on the device.
  • There are tons of apps that work offline, including Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Chrome Management Console

Manage your organisation’s Chrome devices

The Chrome Management Console allows administrators to access, manage, and configure more than 200 features and policies on their fleet of Chrome devices from a single control panel.

With the Chrome Management Console you can:

  • Create user groups – apply policies, apps, and settings to different sets of users.
  • Pre-install and block apps – blacklist, whitelist, or pre-install apps, extensions and websites.
  • Track assets – assign devices to employees and get configuration and usage reports.
  • Manage user access – control who uses your Chrome devices
  • Control network access – define network and proxy settings to make it easy for users to get up-and running and ensure they’re protected by web filters and firewalls.
  • Customise user features – modify user settings like bookmark and app sync across computers and brand your devices with company-specific Chrome themes.

User Settings

You can allow or block apps and extensions, as well as pre-install apps and extensions for users’ Chrome devices in your domain.

Network Settings

Configure Wi-Fi settings for all of the Chrome devices enrolled in your domain, or for logged-in users from specific sub-organisations within your domain.

Device Settings

The policy applies to anyone who uses the device, even if the user is in Guest mode or signs in with a Google account outside of your organisation.

Chrome Devices

Lists of all your Chrome devices in your domain that provides information such as serial number, status, latest activity, user name, and location.