Citrix Hosted Desktop in Buckinghamshire

Your Cloud Works bespoke Citrix Hosted Desktop solutions are designed around the requirements of your business. We can ensure that you achieve the mobility and flexibility, which is becoming increasingly important in today’s business environment; work anywhere, anytime, on any device. Our Hosted Desktop in Buckinghamshire is simple to use, easy to manage and allow you to focus on moving your business forward.

What is a Hosted Desktop solution?

Our Hosted Desktop Solution is a Cloud Computing service that delivers a Windows desktop, Microsoft Office, Exchange/Outlook and business applications as a hosted service, rather than using local infrastructure.

Your Cloud Works (Cloud Service Provider) will move your IT infrastructure into our highly secure tier III data centre, providing you and your employees access to your desktops, business data and applications via a web browser on any device.

Hosted Desktop solutions replacesthe traditional capital expenditure requirements of IT deployments with a simple monthly payment model delivering considerable and proven cost savings.

Hosted Desktop gives your business:

  • Standardisation of corporate desktop, office and email software.
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery, all built in.
  • Flexibility to respond to market changes and place staff where they are required, when the need arises and on their own device.
  • Increased security and control of your data.
  • Financial flexibility—only pay for what you need and scale up (or down) as required.
  • Improved collaboration between departments, sites, and even countries.

Our Cloud Offering

Every business is unique; therefore when it comes to building your Cloud, we ensure that it is built to meet the exact requirements of your business, not only today, but the scalability of our Citrix Hosted Desktop solution will meet your demands far into the future.

  • Hardware: Top-end HP grade equipment and enterprise HP/Cisco switching throughout.
  • Virtualisation Software: Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix
  • Security: Servers are located within our UK based Tier III Data Centre. All Cloud solutions are firewalled either with dedicated physical or virtual firewalls, or a combination of both.
  • Availability: Financially backed SLAs with 99.9% availability
  • Service Delivery: Migration management, and on-going 24/7 complete system monitoring (including virtual servers and applications), in addition to a fully managed infrastructure (including service options for your virtual machines and application).
The Infrastructure
  • Tier III state-of-the-art data centres
  • Enterprise grade, rack mounted servers
  • Nightly back-up & disaster recovery
  • Hardware maintenance and upgrades included
  • 24x7x365 Network Operations Centre (NOC)
  • Secure access controls to data centre: two-factor authentication and biometric scanners
  • Firewall, spam and virus blocking, and intrusion detection
  • Complete monitoring, troubleshooting and remediation of network issues
  • Dual Site Replication

The Platform
  • On-demand provisioning engine with control panel
  • Provisions virtual or dedicated server
  • Rapid deployment of applications and services
  • Secure and centralised data for easy back-up
The Software
  • On-demand applications and dedicated servers
  • Subscription-based licensing (OS and Applications)
  • Software maintenance (patching, updates and upgrades)

We are Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) Certified

Hosted Desktop Buckinghamshire

The most important aspect of moving to the Cloud is making sure that you choose the right Cloud Service Provider (CSP). That is why the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) was formed, it is the only independent UK governing body, delivering a Code of Practice to members on best practice processes and client protection.

As a self-certified member of the Cloud Industry Forum we are committed to the principles of transparency, capability, and accountability which are embodied in the CIF Code of Practice. These create a trustworthy business environment for cloud-based processing. Read our Code of Practice…