Exciting new i-desk developments: introducing the i-basic USB and i-cell

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i-desk develop innovative products that enhance the impact of learning and the retention of knowledge through use of simple but effective technology.

Their solutions, that combine a range of integrated ICT furniture, create a teaching and learning environment that puts the focus on education, communication, and the creative skills of the students.

Launched at BETT 2014, the new USB ready solutions are suited for any location and box ready for an easy installation, creating a stimulating and collaborative learning tool ideal for ICT resource areas or BYOD learning environments.


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i-basic USB

The i-basic USB desk addresses the changing nature of mobile technology and bring your own device (BYOD) in the classroom / open access areas. It solves the problem of power source requirement, whilst still requiring robust, creative learning environments.

The i-basic USB desk has continuous power, providing USB charging for mobile devices. Using the i-desk patented jigsaw desktop system and with a wide range of colours and finishes available the i-basic USB desk is the perfect combination of form and function.


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The i-cell is a mobile USB charging station for up to 12 mobile devices, using the latest energy saving and battery technology. Having re-charged the internal batteries overnight with the retractable power cord, simply wheel it to where it is required, without the need for supervision.

Instantly start charging without the need for floor-boxes or electric sockets and easily monitor remaining charge with its desktop LED voltage display. The surface is dry wipe and can be used as a collaborative working station for tablets and mobile devices, providing power wherever and whenever it is required.


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If your students or staff are always looking for the next available power socket to charge their own mobile devise or tablet you need to ask yourself…

  1. Has it the charger been PAT tested?
  2. Is the student unplugging any vital IT equipment?
  3. And finally IS IT SAFE?

The i-basic USB and i-cell remove these restrictions and offer schools a safe and effective way of keeping their students and staff connected.

Enhance education with the innovative, space saving solutions from i-desk.

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