In order to make effective technology decisions IT leaders need to keep up-to-date with the ever-evolving technology landscape. The results of a research survey conducted by Tech Pro Research (polling the views of 418 respondents, of which 104 were CXOs) has been released, outlining the tech predictions for the next three years, with Mobile Device Management (MDM), security and big data coming out on top.

The key findings:

  • The main priorities were found to be improving security, lowering costs and the improvement of business application to assist business processes and project management
  • Key issues for IT departments is facilitating the increase of productivity through technology and improving efficiency
  • Importance was placed on migrating data and services to a cloud environment
  • Top three technologies to watch are MDM, security and big data

The survey asked the respondents to analyse technology priorities on a company-wide basis, the below graph depicts the results.

However, the views of the CXOs surveyed differed slightly to that of all the respondents. The CXOs saw their top priorities as improving security (75%), improving applications (65%), project management (64%), lowering costs (61%) and implementing mobility operations (56%).

In order to gauge what emerging technology will take its place high on the agenda in organisations over the next three years, the CXOs were asked to express the importance of certain technologies to their organisation.

As per above, IT security is seen as critical to organisations, this view was also reflected in the opinion of all respondents, closely followed by MDM and big data/analytics. While on the other end of the scale wearable technology and 3D printing were deemed not at all important, perhaps due to these technologies not holding an obvious value to organisations.

In an overall close fourth was the uptake of off-premise cloud computing, an element which can aid in the deployment of the other top priorities. For example, a cloud-based hosted desktop service can improve security by using servers situated in a top-level data centre with state-of-the-art security measures, providing the highest level of control.

A hosted desktop solution also supports the delivery of mobility, especially when combined with an enterprise-grade MDM solutions, in addition, BYOD security is heightened as users access their desktops, and corporate systems and data via a web browser or app; an organisation’s data will never be stored on a device.

As well as security, cloud solutions can improve efficiency and productivity all while offering substantial ROIs.

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