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One in nine UK households to be ‘smart’ by the end of the year

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According to new research by Strategy Analytics, a global forecasting firm, one in nine UK homes with have at least one smart system before 2015. Which is set to rise further, to one in four within five years.

Strategy Analytics claims that the use of smart home system will increase 43% this year, compared to last, to 3.1 million, totalling a homeowner spend of £715 million. By the end of 2019 the forecast doubles to £1.4 billion spent across 7.7 million households.

These smart home systems use technology to control everyday items remotely, such as automated entertainment, energy, appliances, security, and more.

Director of Strategy Analytics’ Smart Home Strategies advisory service and author of the forecast, Bill Ablondi, said that,

“Whilst telecom brands are leading the drive in Europe, energy companies are dominating the early take-up of smart homes in Britain.

“British Gas re-launched its smart home thrust in late 2013 under the Hive brand and now has almost 100,000 subscribers. In addition, Google subsidiary Nest struck a deal to offer its stylish thermostat through nPower while E.ON is actively preparing its launch after a trial in Milton Keynes.”

The forecast puts the UK ahead of the global average, being 11% of households as opposed to 5%, but still behind the United States that currently has smart home systems in 17% of households.

International revenue from the sale of this tech is set to reach £29.3 billion this year, with the US accounting for over a third at £10.9 billion.

According to Ablondi the take-up will be enhanced by companies such as Apple and Samsung becoming players in the smart home market, alongside single-purpose devices from various companies including Belkin, Dropcam, Piper and Tado.

Source: The Telegraph

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