The CPD Certification Service

The CPD Certification Service was established in 1996 and has developed into the leading independent accreditation organisation that operates across all sectors to complement the Continuing Professional Development polices of professional and academic institutions as well as their members and other stakeholders.

The Background

As a business, The CPD Certification Service’s approach to IT was out-dated; as it was not considered a critical business enabler and was starting to act as a brake on the organisation’s strategy. Operationally it caused disjointed and time consuming business processes, where staff were unable to share calendars and data was being duplicated. The Directors knew that in order to accelerate growth they had to restructure their IT to allow their staff to work more productively, increase efficiency and bring the IT in line with the organisation’s strategy.

The Challenge

The CPD Certification Service had many goals they wanted to achieve with their IT, but wanted to keep spend at a minimum. They required an IT Infrastructure that vastly improved and streamlined the efficiency of internal processes, supporting the staff and allowing them to share data and collaborate with ease. Security was a top priority, as well as putting in place a comprehensive disaster recover and back-up system. Following a consultation with a Your Cloud Works expert, they decided that the Cloud solution best met the current and future needs of the business.

The Project

As the business’s chosen Cloud Service Provider (CSP), we managed the entire overhaul of The CPD Certification Service’s IT infrastructure, and migrated it to the Cloud, in a project that included their data, email, and third party applications. We moved the business away from Office 365 and onto our own Exchange cluster; thus eliminating the third party providers and streamlining the solution. We simplified their network to achieve top class performance and standardised the Office configuration, allowing all users to access their desktop from any device, at anytime, as well as providing the flexibility and mobility they needed to grow. As well as the technical and managerial aspects of moving them into the Cloud, we also assisted in the simplification of the internal processes, greatly increasing efficiency and productivity. We continue to consult with The CPD Certification Service on further aspects of their business strategy, including the introduction of a CRM system and other marketing tools.

The Outcome

Following the adoption of a Your Cloud Works Cloud solution, and a seamless transition, The CPD Certification Service have reaped the benefits of having an IT Infrastructure that supports the business and provides high availability, mobility, and security. The staff can communicate and collaborate effortlessly and the Directors enjoy feeling safe in the knowledge that their IT infrastructure is in the hands of a CIF Certified CSP. Being Cloud-based means that the business will be able to roll out a CRM system, as planned, with ease, but, above all, the business now has the tools to grow, from a UK centric organisation, creating a global market.

Once we had agreed to upgrade our IT infrastructure the next challenge was to find a supplier who had a blend of expertise, customer service and a pragmatic approach to delivering value for money. It was a revelation to meet and talk to Tony Capewell of Your Cloud Works, who not only ticked all those key boxes but also gave us a great feeling of confidence in the people at Your Cloud Works; all of whom have been trained to the exceptional standard demanded by The Cloud Industry Forum. The transition from old ways and suppliers was seamless and Daniel Sufrin, who acted as the project manger was superb. Our security is now higher, our data easily accessed, and above all we can collaborate and share important matters easily. Overall Your Cloud Works has helped us build a vital component for our future growth.

– Graeme Savage (Managing Director)