The Business File

Established in 1980 as publishers of business directories, Mitre quickly became a leading provider of Business to Business information. The natural expansion from their Milton Keynes base saw the coverage extend throughout Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire through their unique range of publications under the title of ‘The Business File’ and in the last decade through the online presence at

The Background

Mitre Publications were operating from a single office location. As the dynamic of their business changed so did their requirement for a fixed office location. The decision was made to close the office and provide all members of staff with a hosted desktop solution providing true flexibility and mobility while enabling them to share all their data and applications.

The Challenge

Due to their specific requirements, Mitre Publications decided to seek some professional assistance in order to compile a bespoke Cloud solution, delivering on every element. One of our Cloud specialists took time to really understand the requirements that Mitre Publications had, a solution was proposed to allow the entire business to operate with complete mobility, providing staff access to all data and applications, whenever they required them. Our fully-hosted Enterprise Cloud offering ticked all of Mitre Publications’ boxes, and after a consultation and 1-on-1 demo they decided that it was the right solution for them. Mitre Publications also wanted the ability to have an enterprise level phone system still in operation when they moved to the Cloud.

The Project

Moving Mitre Publications to the Cloud meant that we had to migrate the entire business from a physical on-premise environment to a completely hosted-desktop environment including VoIP telephone system, with each employee operating from a separate location. As their chosen Cloud Service Provider, we ensured that the business understood the process and took them through it step-by-step, as well as explaining to each staff member how to get the most out of the service.

The Outcome

Following the seamless transition from a physical on-premise environment to being completely Cloud-based, Mitre Publications was able to move from a single Head Office to multiple home locations effortlessly. Since then, they have benefited from the flexibility and mobility the Cloud provides, and have noticed improvements in productivity and efficiency. As well as the great savings a Cloud solution has offered, the business has immensely furthered their savings by eradicating the need for an office, thus greatly reducing their overheads.

The systems and practices employed at Mitre were well established and, to a certain extent, the project was as much about ‘managing change’ as it was embracing new technologies. The result (with only a modicum of kicking and screaming), has proven to be a huge success with the specialist, database, graphic design and publishing packages running precisely as promised. We can highly recommend Your Cloud Works to any company looking for integrated Cloud, VoIP and IT solutions.

– Peter Fowler (Mitre Publications Ltd)