Reducing risk with a hosted desktop solution

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Reducing risk with a hosted desktop solution

Migrating to a hosted desktop solution has a significant impact in reducing risk and easing the resources used to adhere to licensing and compliance procedures.

Owning an IT infrastructure leaves firms responsible for ensuring that that appropriate licences and servers are purchased, maintained and updated, all of which consumes vital financial and human resources. Here is a break-down of how these pains are alleviated:

Less downtime

Reputable Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), such as Your IT Works, provide guaranteed availability of 99.9% per month, offering the majority of firms greater uptime, reducing the financial implications associated with experiencing downtime.

Less exposure to data loss

The centralised nature of a hosted desktop model significantly reduces a firm’s exposure to data loss; hosted desktops eliminate the reliance of specific devices.

Therefore, true mobility can be achieved without exposing a business; data is never stored on a device. For example, providing users and devices comply with an organisation’s BYOD policy, access to data and systems is only gained through a Citrix gateway authentication process.

The Your IT Works hosted desktops also offers an ‘out of the box’ comprehensive backup and DR solution as standard.

Data centre redundancy

Your IT Works has a Tier III data centre within the UK, which has dual-redundant dedicated underground mains feeds, three diesel-driven emergency power generators and three separate systems of five uninterrupted power supply (UPS) modules. In addition to a Very Intelligent Early Warning (V.I.E.W.) fire detection system and full electronic access control systems, based on proximity cards, PIN keypads, and biometric palm-scanners, to name just a few of the redundancy and security measures.

Core infrastructure management

Additional risk is reduced as firms are less exposed to management inefficiencies of core systems. Infrastructure management is a core competence of reputable CSP’s, providing specialist expertise that are difficult to achieve in-house.

Choosing a CSP that is certified under the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), the only Cloud governing body in the UK, provides peace of mind in ensuring that they have met the high standards of capability, accountability and transparency.

For the same reason, the cloud eliminates the risks associated with relying on internal individuals’ knowledge of core systems, helping firms take control.

Licensing and compliance

On average, the upkeep of licensing and reporting licensing compliance costs a business four working days per year, an unnecessary loss of financial and human resources.

By integrating the licensing costs into a simple and manageable monthly payments not only offers great reductions but removes the necessity of internal management. Additionally, reporting on licensing compliance can be performed with ease.

For more information on how the Your IT Works Hosted Desktop can work from you, contact our team here.

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