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For many schools facing limited and constrained budgets, technology is not always top of the list. This is why we work with companies, such as edde, to provide schools with vital funding and parental donation options, which allow for the sustainable integration of technology in the classroom. But, these are not the only sources of help.

Google and Intel have joined forces to offer schools a fantastic deal that not only helps to save against the cost of Chromebooks but recycles your old iPads and IT hardware.

For example your school could get up to £120 off the cost of a brand new Chromebook for trading in an iPad, which means that not only are you removing your redundant hardware but your new Chromebook could cost as little as £15.

The devices must fall within the following categories:

  • Grade A:  No marks presents on the display, no physical damage on the device, all accessories are present and undamaged
  • Grade B: Slight marks to the display, no other damage on the device, all accessories are present and undamaged
  • BER: Beyond economic repair, these would be considered WEEE. These will be processed as a cost neutral solution

This offer isn’t exclusive to iPads, we can also recycle Macs, other tablets, PCs, laptops, and servers. Just tell us what you have and we will apply your exclusive discount to your Chromebook quote.

To view our dedicated iPad trade in website click here and see how much you can save. 

As a Google for Education partner, we can support schools in deploying cost-effective technology in the classroom, whether that is through operating leases and donations, and/or Google’s recycle scheme.

If your school is looking to buy Chromebooks at a reduced cost, all you need to do is tell us what hardware you would like us to recycle, we will be able to calculate your total savings and offset it against your new Chromebooks.

Click here to request a Chromebook for Education Quote

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