Surface update to include Outlook for Windows RT with 8.1

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Microsoft have confirmed that, as part of the 8.1 update, the Windows RT Surface tablets will receive a full version of Outlook 2013 RT; good news for businesses looking to use the tablets. This announcement has followed a large amount of requests, as the app was not available on ‘Windows-on-ARM’.

Since its release, Microsoft have bundled Office 2013 RT with Window RT, which included Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint, this lacked the availability of an enterprise-grade email client, meaning that users wanting to work on their tablet had to look at a full version of Windows 8. Microsoft is hoping the arrival of Windows 8.1 will encourage more businesses to consider using Surface tablets.

The update also includes new VPN options, additional mobile device management support, allowing the tablets to be managed and certified remotely.

It has also been rumoured that Microsoft will be cutting their licencing prices for its OEM partners and HTC are believed to be developing a 7-inch Windows RT tablets ready for release later in the year.

Source: SlashGear


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