Tablets that turn your body into an authentication token: the future or a fad?

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As more businesses and people share ever increasing amounts of information online, the race to develop alternative authentication strategies has been made apparent by the revelation of Motorola’s prototype ‘vitamin’ tablet that turns your body into an authentication token.

Regina Dugan, Head of Motorola’s research division, described the device as ‘my first super power’ at the D11 conference.

The tablets contain a small chip and switch. Once swallowed, stomach acids act as the electrolytes, this in turn powers the battery and turns the switch on, creating an 18-bit ECG-like signal which can be picked up by your devices and used as an authentication method.

These tablets are already in production and used by Proteus for medical purposes, and therefore have been cleared by the FDA. The specifics are yet to be released by Motorola.

Would you ditch the username/password scenario for technology embedded pills to log in to you devices?

Source: Wired

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