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Leap Motion have developed a ‘3D-gesture sensing controller’ which allows touch-less interaction with computers, with the claim of it being the ‘most natural user interface possible’.

With deliveries of the small (only 3inch long device) due to begin this week, interaction with technology has just moved up a notch. Using subtle gestures with your fingers and hands, within a short distance of the device, allows for pointing, zooming, painting and more.

Michael Buckwald, CEO and Co-Founder of Leap Motion, said that ‘we’re trying to do things like mould, grab, sculpt, draw, push…These sorts of physical interactions require a lot of accuracy

and a lot of responsiveness that past technologies just haven’t had’.

Not only will the new device be available at an ‘affordable’ price point, but it accurately tracks all 10 fingers and is 200 times more precise than Microsoft’s Kinect.

Buckwald claims that Leap Motion has received hundreds of thousands of pre-orders from around the world, and thousands of developers are working on applications. The company is convinced that it will make touch-less gesturing part of mainstream computing, even though this has been met with some doubt of the technology making the mouse obsolete for a long time to come.

Source: BBC News

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