Wireless for Schools: 802.11ac Explained

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802.11ac is the next generation of Wi-Fi technology, designed to run faster and more efficiently than previous versions of Wi-Fi. It is device driven, products like Macbook Air and the Samsung Galaxy tablets are already optimised for 802.11ac.

What does this mean for you?
  • Provides greater performance over 802.11n (Data rates are 3x faster)
  • Ideal for BYOD and 1-on-1 initiatives.
  • Higher performance whilst streaming HD video or transferring large files
  • Future generation 802.11ac products to support rates of up to 7Gbps

To upgrade traditional wireless solutions to 802.11ac a complete refresh is required including entirely new APs, additional antennas, new or upgraded controllers, and/or higher power PoE injectors or switches. On the other hand Xirrus wireless is completely upgradeable and therefore simply requires the replacement of one radio module for another. For schools that already have a Xirrus solution it means that they won’t have the inconvenience of a lengthy and disruptive upgrade process.

For the schools that do not have a Xirrus wireless solution in place, making the switch presents numerous benefits. Compared to traditional wireless solutions, Xirrus wireless uses 75% less hardware, thus reducing the total cost of ownership, while providing increased bandwidth, resilience, as well as being the only current upgradeable wireless solution, future proofing the investment.

How does the Xirrus 802.11ac solution differ?
  • 802.11ac Upgradable – Xirrus XR Wireless Arrays support multiple 802.11 technologies, which allows 802.11ac modules to be added or swapped into XR Arrays as and when desired.
  • No Forklift Upgrades – The modular design of Xirrus XR Arrays allows for simple upgrades, without the need to swap out or replace hardware, providing long term investment protection and drastically reducing cost.
  • Software Programmable Bands – Xirrus 802.11ac modules support both the 5GHz and 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi bands, this provides complete flexibility in deploying a Wi-Fi network to support changing requirements.
  • Software Programmable Technology – Radios can be software set to operate in individual or multiple technologies at once, this ensures best performance by allowing clients of like type to be grouped together.

For more information on Xirrus wireless solutions for schools please visit our dedicated wireless website, alternatively contact us here.

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