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Xirrus, leader in high-performance wireless networks, has announced the release of 802.11ac; the 802.11ac solution is the industry’s only software-programmable solution capable of operating in all Wi-Fi modes and bands, on every radio. This brings unparalleled flexibility and confirms Xirrus as being the industry leader addressing the need of enterprises for high-performance Wi-Fi, seamless upgradeability and investment protection.

The Xirrus 802.11ac solution consists of modular Arrays available today, together with 802.11ac Wave 1 radio modules that are order-able today and can be added to the Arrays when the modules ship later in the year. Key benefits of the modular solution include:

  • All Xirrus XR Arrays, which began shipping in 2011, are 802.11ac-compatible, meaning that existing and new XR customers can benefit from faster 802.11ac speeds.
  • The new 802.11ac radio modules do not require an upgraded controller or Array housing, meaning that no forklift equipment upgrade is required.
  • All XR radios are software-programmable, making a Xirrus solution the only industry solution capable of operating as a 100% 802.11ac network. Traditional fixed-band APs are effectively only half of an 802.11ac AP because 802.11ac is a 5GHz-only technology.
  • Xirrus XR Array solutions ensure seamless coexistence of legacy and new Wi-Fi client types by supporting all 802.11a/b/g/n/ac technologies on each radio.
  • Xirrus XR Arrays are available in 2, 4, 8 or 16-radio configurations and can be deployed indoors or outdoors to fit a broad range of use cases and vertical market requirements.

Rohit Mehra (Vice President of IDC) said that ‘Its bandwidth performance – roughly three times that of 802.11n – will be critical to enterprises needing to scale to support 5GHz mobile devices. At the same time, enterprises can’t abandon 2.4GHz, which a vast majority of popular mobile devices use today. Xirrus’s 802.11ac solution, and its ability to support devices in both bands meets a key requirement for enterprise IT, serving their needs regardless of where they are in the 5GHz adoption curve.’

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