Enterprise Wireless Networks

Transform your Wi-Fi user experience with high-density solutions

Mobility is now an integral part of doing business. Employees, clients, and customers depend on connecting without wires. The explosion of smartphones and tablets brought into the workplace has seen to that. With 26 billion devices expected to connect on the Internet of Things by 2020, Wi-Fi demand continues to grow unabated.

Most employees are carrying two or more devices. Executive management is relying on IT to support new mobile services for customers and employees alike. Businesses are deploying varying degrees of BYOD initiatives.

Wi-Fi is now an integral part of the IT infrastructure, often the primary connectivity option. Employees, guest users, contractors, and more require different levels of access to the network. New buildings are being designed with Wi-Fi as the primary access to corporate networks. Ensuring wireless security is becoming a complex challenge while enforcing consistent policies across different users types, different devices and from different locations.

You need a Wi-Fi solution that grows with you and grows your business.

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