G Suite Training For Educators

Google G Suite Training for Educators

CPD Training that covers all levels of G Suite usage for your teachers

Problem for Educators:

As a teacher, you will probably have noticed just how difficult it is to make the best use of technology in your classroom. Although you have the “best” tech available, and students that are eager to get their hands on a keyboard you know there is a problem. Furthermore your school is on board with teaching computer skills that apply to today’s digital world, which is great.  You as a teacher, may still feel that you are still lacking a few skills in that area to share these powerful tools with them. Your G Suite Training with Your Cloud Works is the answer.

Solution for Educators:

G Suite for Education is Google’s free suite of apps for today’s students. Whether creating a simple slide presentation for their classmates, writing a book report or even creating a website for their school club, young students need fast, practical computer learning in the classroom. Google have developed their suite of apps, that are fully integrated and collaborative to help us as teachers deliver practical learning through the best use of technology in the classroom.

“Our trainer was easy to understand, offered positive feedback to the staff, and consequently in emails, which helps boost morale.”

Mrs. Christine Spain, Headteacher, Stapleford Community Primary School