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Back in 2016 when we launched our VR for education program, and began sharing immersive learning experiences through VR, we never imagined the positive impact of this project. Students and teachers alike have been amazed to see their curriculum content through Google Expeditions through an interactive, collaborative Virtual Reality tour right there in their own classroom. With over 1000 different Expeditions to choose from, everyone has found the ideal teaching content for their learning projects.


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Schools have enjoyed our VR experiences


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Students have now enjoyed VR through Your Cloud Works


Positive feedback from teachers and ICT leaders on their VR visits

Here are just a few themes, from over 200 examples:

  • Year 6 at Tyndale Community Primary School  – “The most incredible journey”       Google Expedition – The New Seven Wonders
  • Year 3 at Great Ouse Primary Academy              –  “Pirates and Shipwrecks”               Google Expedition – Underwater Caribbean
  • Year 5 at Wootton Primary School                       – “Save the Rainforests”                      Google Expedition – Plant Adaptations in the Rainforest
  • Year 5/6 at Cornist Park Primary School           – “Japan and its Culture”                     Google Expedition – Mount Fuji
  • Woodstock C of E Science Evening                     – “Space and Our Solar System”       Google Expeditions – Mars, The Moon, Solar System
  • Year 4 at Ysgol Glan Aber North Wales             – “Everything About Chocolate”        Google Expedition – Inside the Mackie Chocolate Factory