Your IT Works joins forces with i-desk to create original and exciting ICT solutions for schools

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ICT Solutions for Schools

Your IT Works are eager to announce that we have now embarked on a partnership with i-desk, offering schools a complete ICT solution, combining innovative i-desk products with intelligent Xirrus wireless.

In the primary and secondary school space, there is a drive toward the 21st century (or digital) classroom, however this doesn’t come without its challenges. That is why Your IT Works has designed a solution to meet these challenges head on.

As well as incredible indirect benefits, such as increasing student-to-teacher interaction, improving student attendance, and enhancing students’ focus, just to name a few, and all of which positively impact overall performance and standards of work.

Seamlessly integrating the computer and desk, the i-desk designs combine functionality, flexibility, safety, security, and aesthetics, to create a stimulating workplace.

The Your IT Works solution has coupled i-desk with the world’s first and only fully upgradable, future-proof wireless from Xirrus, using wireless technology that identifies and prioritises learning applications over recreational applications, exceeds the bandwidth expectations, protects against risk and security breaches, and more.

The solution gives schools the ability to truly meet the demands of the 21st Century digital classroom, achieved in the most cost-effective manner, using reliable and secure products and services.

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